Did you know there are nearly 10 blogs dedicated to bringing you the best resources to learn and use Microsoft’s Office 2010?

Ever wonder who those people are behind the tips and tricks that get posted there on a daily basis?

Ever wonder about some of their snarky comments and where they get their sense of humor?

Well this recent posting at the Microsoft Office Blog will allow you some insight into their personalities and maybe explain those strange things they say sometimes.  But then again maybe not.

I certainly get the feel from the tone of this entry that the Office Blog Team would be a great team to work on.

To us, Office is almost like a spouse: Sure, sometimes it really makes us mad, but we love it. We need it. We spend all our time with it. We wouldn’t want to be with any other (productivity suite), because it helps us do things we never would have attempted otherwise. If you feel the same, we’re there for you, to help you get through the worst and achieve the best.

And while we know a lot about what Office can do, we’re always amazed at what you do with it. Office has changed the way the world works. But that’s happened because Office helps manifest the most powerful force in the working world:  your ideas. You use it to build careers, create businesses, teach, discover, innovate, attack poverty, cure diseases, build bridges real and metaphorical. You’re changing the world every day with Office.

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