Well this is disappointing because it likely means GameStop under estimated how may people would want to take advantage of the deal I wrote about a few days ago – Trade in Your Old Xbox 360 for a new Slim Xbox 360 Console.

Someone commented on the above story and said the GameStop page was gone that previously listed the trade in deal and it is in fact gone.  So off I went in search of an answer.

I just grabbed this quote from their Facebook page:

““GameStop To everyone asking about our Xbox 360 trade offer: the offer will run through 7/18 for customers who are able to purchase or pick-up a currently reserved Xbox 360 250GB. We are not currently accepting new pre-orders and have taken the offer down from However, if we begin taking pre-orders again before 7/18, we’ll put the offer back up.

What do you think? Should there be consequences for companies who throw something like this out and then pull it immediately because they did not expect the response?