Microsoft continues to take the fight to spammers and this time it is against one the biggest spam actions that Windows Live Hotmail has ever seen.

John Scarrow who is the General Manager of Safety Services writes in the Microsoft On The Issues blog:

Last week the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court under the federal CAN-SPAM Act against the perpetrators of what we believe to be one of the largest-ever spam attacks on Windows Live Hotmail. The lawsuit –Microsoft Corporation v. Boris Mizhen, et al. – alleges defendants engaged in an elaborate scheme to evade Microsoft’s filters by abusing Microsoft’s Junk E-Mail Reporting Program (JMRP) and Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) to send vast quantities of spam each day. JMRP and SNDS are free services designed to help protect Windows Live Hotmail customers from spam by encouraging people to report it and to help improve our spam filters by identifying legitimate mail as such.

I talk about spam a lot on this site as well as on the Observed Tech PODCAST.  Spam works off of pure volume and the hope that just 1% of those receiving the emails respond with their information or money.  It continues to get sent out because it still works.  The sooner we stop replying to it then sooner it will start to stop.

Do your part because it will make a difference.

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