New Xbox 360 hardware has been released and a new hands free controller device is on its way and now a new subscription plan has been announced to get more of your family and friends online with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

This November, the new Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack will offer up to four individual Xbox LIVE Gold memberships for only US$99.99 – the price of two regular Xbox LIVE Gold subscriptions. Now as you prepare for the launch of Kinect for Xbox 360, which makes YOU the controller, consider giving your family premium Gold experience and access to the biggest names in entertainment.

Although they are calling it a family pack I am sure any group of four individuals can chip in and get this package.  Although I am betting it is for a single console and not for individual gold access on different boxes.

Some of the details about this new package:

  • Up to four individual Xbox LIVE Gold memberships for the price of two – (US) $99.99.
  • Family Center – a single, easy to use, destination for Family Settings and account management, accessible on the Xbox dashboard and on
  • The primary account member has the ability to purchase and dispense Microsoft Points to other Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack members.
  • Activity monitoring reports viewable on to help encourage discussions about safer more balanced gaming and entertainment habits.
  • Simplified billing that applies all purchase charges to the primary account holder’s billing account and the ability to authorize purchases, helping to manage the family’s entertainment budget.
  • Exclusive family content and discounts.

This is a great deal – four subscriptions for the price of two!  If I had more people that gamed in my house I would buy it for sure!