kindle nook

The War of the E-Readers heated up today with a little skirmish!

Amazon and Barnes & Noble both cut the prices on their electronic book readers within hours of each other.

First up was Barnes and Noble as they announced a new Wi-Fi only Nook that cost just $149 and dropped the cost of their Nook 3G to $199.  Clearly a gauntlet was thrown to Amazon on the cost of their Kindle Reader.

Amazon did not hesitate to join the fray later in the day by lowering the price of their original Kindle 3G version to $189 – a full $10 cheaper than the Nook 3G.  They did not change the cost of their Kindle DX which still retails for $489.

I wonder if the battle will continue with Barnes & Noble dropping the Nook 3G price one more time to top Amazon’s $189 Kindle?

Price wars are great aren’t they?

I think so, especially for us consumers.  Now if they would only lower the cost of the e-books themselves I might jump into the fray!