What do you get when there is a world wide popular event and e-mail scammers?

Good day,

I am Mr. Peter Mageza with the 2010 FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee . If you are trustworthy and have a knack for shrewd business, I have a unique proposal for you that will benefit the both of us on a grand scale if executed with trust and sincerity. Please respond immediately if you are interested so I can update you more. Am keeping this mail short for confidential reasons, full details when am convinced on the authenticity of your person and interest, no disrespect meant.

Awaiting your speedy honest reply, stay blessed.


Yes – that’s right – e-mail scams.  This appears to be a twist on the Nigerian 419 scams that continue to circulate around the web.  Why do they keep getting sent out you ask?

Well why do we repeat anything – because it works.  Even if only 1% of the millions of people who get these e-mails reply then it can be profitable.

Please be careful out there and be cautious.