Microsoft revealed more details on their new Kinect for Xbox 360 add on for their flagship gaming console during a press conference today at the E3 in Los Angeles, CA. They also had a surprise for everyone at the end.

The two missing pieces of information, after officially learning the name this morning, is the release date and cost of the unit.

Worldwide Launch begins in North America on 04 November 2010. However, the cost was not revealed before it was all over. I think it got missed in all the excitement about the new Xbox 360 console and the fact that everyone in attendance is getting one!

Update 4:30PM EDT: Thanks to @tom_warren from – he tweeted that Gamestop already has Kinect for Xbox 360 on pre-order for $149.99.  In fact Gamestop has already posted several bundles and at least two of the games shown today for pre-order:


  • Kinect Adventures for $59.99
  • Kinect Sports for $59.99
  • Kinect Arcade Bundle for $299.99
  • Kinect Elite Bundle for $399.99

At least they have a pre-order low price guarantee that insures you will get the lower price if it drops while on pre-order.  The page also has no info on whether or not these bundles are the new Slim Xbox 360 or the current model.

Some of the other tidbits I grabbed from the news conference:

  • Call of Duty Black Ops out in November
  • All Call of Duty Add Ons will launch first on Xbox 360 before other consoles/platforms
  • Metal Gear Solid Rising first footage revealed
  • Fable III ships in October
  • Halo Reach will be out in September
  • There are 25 Million Xbox Live members
  • Kinect will be sold in every country where Xbox Live is available
  • Xbox Live and Windows Live Messenger friends can all communicate on VideoKinect
  • VideoKinect will also be accessible through Windows Live Messenger
  • Bing will be on the Xbox
  • ESPN and Xbox partnership for live and on demand sports news, stories, etc. via Xbox/Xbox Live
  • Kinetic Games can connect to social media sites and upload action shots while your playing – Facebook was shown
  • There will be 15 launch titles for Kinect on Xbox 360
  • Exclusive with LucasArts to create a Star Wars game that will come out next year
  • Kinect will change the way racing games are played on the Xbox 360
  • New Forza Motorsports out in 2011 for Kinect peripheal
  • New Xbox 360 with 250GB hard drive and built in WiFi for $299 and shipping today

You can see pictures of the new Xbox 360 here – New Xbox 360