Twitterfeed is down hard while they deal with what appears some serious hardware issues.

They have sent out two tweets via their Twitter account @twfeed and things are not looking good right now:

apologies for continuing downtime. a number of disks have failed, we’re working with hosting provider to get things back up. no ETA atm less than a minute ago via web

The first indication of an outage was about four hours ago and it reads as if they were well into the problems and dealing with them:

We are currently working through some serious hardware issues, apologies for the downtime. Will update here as things progress. about 4 hours ago via web

I hope they have a good backup plan so they can restore everyone’s accounts and settings.

Twitterfeed provides a service that reads RSS feeds and then posts that information to a Twitter account.  Many sites, including this one, use it to tweet new blog post information.

Back to manual for now I guess.  Good luck with your restoral efforts Twitterfeed.

Update at 12:45 PM EDT: Twitterfeed has updated their blog to let everyone know where things stand and the news is not good.

an explanation of current downtime

Update at 11:00 PM EDT: Twitterfeed is back up and seems to be working. Here is the up tweet from @twfeed:

web site is now back, and feed processing starting. there may be some complications as things warm up.. thanks for your understanding! about 3 hours ago via web

One final update from @twfeed on the outage:

Update (Sat 12 Jun, 7am GMT): Things have been back for the last 6 hours or so, and feed processing has now largely caught up. We can only apologize for this lengthy downtime, and as we mention below, we are taking active steps to make such long outages a thing of the past. Thanks for your support and encouraging comments and tweets while we were working through the problems!

Are you still having issues?