Want to see how much Twitter has become a part of our lives? Look no further than this story on MSNBC from yesterday – Twitter Outage Resolved, Site Getting Up To Speed.

Since when did an outage on Twitter become the stuff of breaking news stories on big time sites like MSNBC? 

Have we really become so dependent on a service like Twitter that it warrants front page placement and Top Headline status when it has some intermittent issues with its functionality?

I am a daily user of Twitter like many of you are and I do depend on having it available to pass along information. There is a tie in between it and this website and so when it is not working I am acutely aware of that.

So this leads to a question of value. 

Personally, Twitter has become a key element in my online presence and I would pay for that service to make sure it was as reliable as my hosting is.

How about you?  Is Twitter providing you a service that you would be willing to pay for? If so,how much would you be willing to pay on a monthly basis?