Allow me to introduce you to Learning Snacks from Microsoft.  Learning Snacks are small educational introductions that are in small chunks of information instead of a long drawn out lesson plans.

They allow you to consume the information much quicker and then move on.

The first Learning Snack I want to share with you is about working with information on your Windows 7 system.

This module covers:

  • Finding and Organizing Information Made Easy in Windows 7
  • Libraries in Windows 7
  • Using Libraries in Windows 7
  • Searching for Information in Windows 7
  • Using the Search Features in Windows 7

Most people need to view, organize, and find information that is stored not just on their own computer, but also beyond. This Learning Snack describes libraries in Windows 7, and how you can use them.

There is also a Learn More segment that connects you to other resources if you want to get more info about a particular topic.

View Finding and Organizing Information in Windows 7

Note: These are powered by Microsoft Silverlight so you may get prompted to install it if you do not have it on your system already.