It has been discussed a lot since January of this year – even right here on this site – where we covered the milestones leading up to tomorrows shut down of the Windows7 Release Candidate.

01 June 2010 is the last hurrah for the release candidate that so many people started running last summer during the public preview of Windows 7.

If you have survived the reboots every two hours since 01 March 2010 then you have arrived at the ultimate death kneel for the Windows 7 Release Candidate.

Tomorrow morning do not be surprised when you wake up and find that your computer systems running the release candidate will not boot into the system.

I also hope you grabbed your files as well because there will be no getting them after today.  Again, that is why the warnings have been out there since January of this year about the demise of the Windows 7 RC.

Your next step is to either revert back to your previous version of Windows or go ahead and upgrade to what has become the most popular version of the Windows Operating System ever.

I would tell you my recommendation but then again that might just be fairly obvious here :-)

How long did you run the RC? Did you make it all this way with the regular reboots since March? Did you upgrade when Windows 7 came out?

Let us know how you dealt with the Windows 7 Release Candidate in the comments.