Well if your planning to have @Scobleizer interview you on camera and publish it on his website then you should really be ready for the traffic spike your going to get.  Otherwise, you just might be contributing to the frustration problem.

I caught wind of Robert Scoble’s video interview with this Israeli start up via Twitter so I went over to check them out. It is a good interview and a concept that really makes some sense.

See I am a tweaker and I like to have my system running at its best. I am also a realist and understand there are some frustrating issues that occur on my PC – most of the time introduced by me through a software install or other tweaking activity.  This looks like it can help me smooth out some of those bumps.

So when I watched this video I thought I would give it a try on my ASUS PC Eee 1000HE netbook.

You can grab the download from Soluto’s Homepage – well actually you can not grab it at the moment – because when you click on the big green download button you get this:


However, I was able to grab the download last night while it was still available and installation was very straight forward. 

solutooverloaded program (3)

After initial installation and reboot you get a pretty nice reveal of the activity that Soluto is doing.

solutooverloaded program (2)

After your system boots up and that process is analyzed Soluto connects to what they call the PC Genome which is a history of things users have done which caused either positive or negative impacts on system performance.

solutooverloaded program (1)

However, it was not long before this screen kept popping up. It did not go away last night, this morning and now they are even stopping additional downloads until they get their system stable and able to handle the traffic load that has caught them a little off guard.

I look forward to being able to give Soluto a serious try – as soon as the overload condition is sorted out.

Lesson One of Internet Startups – Always Be Ready for the @Scobleizer Effect!