Alan Wake is an action survival horror thriller video game developed by Remedy Entertainment, published by Microsoft Game Studios and has released today, May 18, 2010, exclusive for Xbox 360. The game itself is inspired by Twin Peaks, Lost, The X-Files and the works of Stephen King.

The story plays out in an episodic format, with a television show-style presentation similar to 24 where each episode/chapter brings another piece to the puzzle of the main plot. Remedy has confirmed that Alan Wake is only the first season of a bigger story, opening the door for future sequels.

Be sure to check out the six webisode’s currently available on Xbox Live Dashboard for download to get you in the spirit of the game.  This is a unique approach to bring the gamer into the game before purchase, one that I have enjoyed thus so far.

Look for a full review of the game after I have had time to really jump into the action.