The talk in the entertainment industry seems to be centered around 3D once more as details are starting to come out of actual 3D TV’s that are about to hit the market.  A month ago the PS3 was quietly updated in a software patch to support 3D games.  Now we are starting to hear that we could be hearing news about Xbox 360 supporting 3D as well.

According to a Korean press release, LG and Microsoft have entered into a memorandum of understanding to jointly market LG’s new 3D televisions bundled with Xbox 360’s.  No specific news, but this starting to be fairly clear that the current Xbox 360 will soon be supporting 3D games.  Expect official announcements on this at E3 2010.

In a statement from Microsoft: 3D games are available today on Xbox 360 and will continue to evolve. Today, you can buy a 3DTV and wear glasses to play games like Avatar and “Batman: Arkham Asylum.” The promotional partnership with LG announced in South Korea today is specific to the South Korean market, but is further evidence that as 3D adoption grows, Xbox 360 will support 3D games and entertainment