Anyone else get a privacy policy update prompt when you logged into Facebook today?

Well I did. First however, I got a prompt that asked if I was really me for auto login and then I was shown a window with this text in the box:

We’re making some changes to give you more control of your information and help you stay connected. We’ve simplified the Privacy page and added the ability to set privacy on everything you share, from status updates to photos.

At the same time, we’re helping everyone find and connect with each other by keeping some information—like your name and profile picture—publicly available.

The next step will guide you through choosing your privacy settings. You can learn more about how privacy works here.

So I clicked next and was given this window of settings:


Which as you can see I opted to keep my old settings.


When I clicked on Save Settings it gave me this summary page of what I had selected.

I pulled this little tidbit form the settings page and found it interesting:

When you visit a Facebook-enhanced application, it will be able to access your publicly available information,which includes Name, Profile Photo, Gender, Current City, Networks, Friend List, and Pages.

This information is considered visible to Everyone.

By the way – that Everyone – is Everyone on Facebook and the rest of the Internet.

Like I mentioned on the Observed Tech PODCAST in Episode 10’s first segment – know what your sharing and who can see it.

I personally get nervous when I get these drive by prompts to update settings – it usually means something significant has changed – otherwise why pop up the window and ask you to verify stuff.

I can not say it enough – Be careful and know what your sharing out there.