It has been almost a year since Microsoft announced that their flagship financial program was heading the way of the dinosaurs – extinction.

I miss Money personally and really liked using it for my banking. I unfortunately had to move to Quicken which works but it just has some quirks I have not been able to get used to. 

Anyway, as the subject of this post states – this is about Microsoft Money Sunset files. I bet you might be wondering what exactly are these sunset files?

Well all versions of Microsoft Money since Money 2007 used a DRM based activation scheme to validate ownership and installation of the product.  Back on January 31st of this year that DRM activation system was taken offline and so any future installs of Microsoft Money since that day would not be able to activate online which in turn makes the program useless.

So as we approach the end of June 2010 and thus the end of the supported life cycle for Money, Microsoft has provided an option for anyone who still has Money files that will allow them to be accessed.

The Microsoft Plus Deluxe Sunset file does not require any activation in order to be installed and run but it does have limitations. There is no online banking or other online services such as stock quotes available in this sunset version.

I guess you could still use it to track your banking but everything would have to be imported manually from your bank and financial service. In the long run it is a good deal to be able to access your data in the future should you ever have to reinstall Money on a PC.

Money Plus Deluxe Sunset Download

It is recommended that you save this download on to your computer in case you need to reinstall in the future without Internet access. Then Run the installation from that Saved download. Money Plus Dlx Sunset can be installed as an upgrade to retail versions of Money, or stand alone. Before running setup, it is recommended that you make sure you have good backups of all your Money data files, as well as a copy of the setup program of your current version of Money, in case you need to uninstall the Sunset version and revert to your previous version. To install Money Plus Dlx Sunset, just double click on the self-extracting download file, and follow the setup wizard steps.

If you used to use Money what do you use now to manage your bank accounts on the computer?