As we spoke about in a previous article, the Xbox 360 now has USB memory support for flash drives to store games, game saves, videos and more on USB flash drives up to 16GB per flash drive.  The Xbox 360 can support two of these devices at once to give you an additional storage up to 32BG.  This will work with any USB flash drive; however the big news today is Xbox announced the officially licensed Xbox 360 flash drives.

The biggest advantage of these flash drives is they are optimized to work with the Xbox 360 at best performance.  They also do not require the quick installation process a normal USB flash drive does that we spoke about in detail in a previous article.

The device is pre-configured for plug-and-play, and SanDisk is even throwing in a one-month subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold for good measure. Naturally, you’ll be paying a premium for that Microsoft seal of approval, with the 8GB unit boasting an MSRP of $34.99 and the 16GB going for $69.99 (or £29.99 and £51.99 respectively in the UK).

This is a big step forward for gamers because in the past the only option that for portable storage on Xbox 360 was a memory unit that was only 512MB.