Windows 7 comes with a feature called Aero Peek and it is an enhancement to what we all previously knew as the Show Desktop shortcut on our Quick Launch Bar back in Windows Vista and XP.

Now as I use the word enhancement I am sure there are those who do not see Aero Peek as any kind of enhancement.  I am OK with that as the opinions on this vary as much as they do on the new taskbar in Windows 7 compared to older versions of Windows.

There is also one other caveat to Aero Peek. It will only work if your system can handle the Aero display enhancements/features such as see through windows borders, taskbar, etc.

If your system does not support Aero then you do not have the Aero Peek functionality and this little tab on your desktop works just like the old Show Desktop shortcut from Windows Vista and XP.

Here is a brief video demonstration of how Aero Peek works:

So lets say your system does support Aero but you would rather not have this peek feature anyway. It is a very simple process to turn off and return the simple Show Desktop functionality to this button.

Right Click on an empty space on the taskbar and select Properties. That will open the taskbar properties dialog:


Just two steps here – first uncheck the Use Aero Peek to preview desktop option then click OK.

That’s it – your done.


Now that little clear tab in the lower right hand corner will allow you to click on it and minimize all windows open on your computer and go directly to your  desktop.

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