This week 2K Games announced the latest map back called Rapture Map Pack is heading to Bioshock 2.  This is a great step forward for this Bioshock franchise as Bioshock 2 was the first series to offer online multi-player.  I have found the multi-player to be great and offer an interesting experience in gameplay.

Featuring some new maps, new achievements and a rebirth feature, let’s get down to some details:

  • Six brand new maps. Some of them built off of portions of the single-player game.
  • Three new Achievements.
  • Rebirth. Rebirth means that when a player reaches rank 50, they have the option to jump back to level 1 and showcase a special mask they earned for the task.

There’s no exact release date on the pack, but there should be shortly. It will drop in at 800 Microsoft Points.