Interested in seeing what the future might hold for productivity? A new paper written by Microsoft is providing a peek at that future and what it might look like with future versions of Office.

This paper illustrates how productivity software has evolved to make your work life easier and more productive, and explores some areas where Microsoft is using new technologies and approaches to drive even greater improvements in productivity and efficiency throughout your organization.

Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to be connected to all the important people and information in your life – on any device, at all times, and on your own terms.

Imagine if you could express your ideas to a computer as richly and naturally as you’d have a conversation with a close colleague.

And imagine if your computer knew what you were doing and what was important to you, and worked on your behalf to bring you relevant and insightful information, right when you need it.

Beyond Office 2010 – The Future of Productivity Download