There has been a lot of unofficial news about Windows Live Wave 4 all over the web and it has been well reported far and wide.  There have been screenshots galore as well as plenty of speculation.

However, today that all ends.

Chris Jones, the Corporate Vice President of Windows Live, posted at the Inside Windows Live blog about the upcoming release of Windows Live Wave 4 and what has been happening with it during all this silence.

For several months now, we’ve had several thousand people running regular builds of this code inside Microsoft, and we’ll shortly begin expanding this testing to some folks outside Microsoft for additional feedback.

We will then roll out updates to our web services, followed by betas of our software for Windows PCs, Macs, and phones. Our approach is to release betas to the public once we think the build is in pretty good shape, learn through beta usage data and beta user feedback, and make additional refinements that eventually become the final release. Of course, we’ll continue to update the service as we see how you use it every day and hear from you about what’s working and what needs improvement.

He also revealed a little bit about the main elements of Windows Live Wave 4 which include Windows Live Messenger; Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Essentials.

The posting is well worth a read to learn what you can expect in the short term future as the software gets to see a little more of the light of day.

Getting ready for Windows Live Wave 4