It used to be all about MSN and MSN Search now it is all about Bing and Bing Search.  As part of that transition the MSN Toolbar has been replaced by the Bing Toolbar.


This toolbar provides quick access to entertainment, news and videos; integrates a security safety center to watch out while your surfing and reading e-mail and can be customized to your preferences.  The Bing Bar is compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Some other features highlighted on the download page include:

  • Bing & decide, anytime – Make better, faster decision with Bing. With the Bing Toolbar you can search from anywhere without leaving the site you are on.
  • Surf with confidence – Be notified of threats before they become disasters. The new Safety Center helps keep you aware of your computer’s level of online safety and giving you a quick visual indicator of its status.
  • Instant Hotmail access – New Windows Live integration makes it simple to sign in and preview your Hotmail, plus get notified the instant mail is received.
  • MSN Channels – View content from a variety of MSN channels directly from the Bing toolbar, regardless of what website you’re currently browsing.
  • Customize Options – Choose the MSN channels you want to see, manage your Safety Center settings, and customize your Bing toolbar by changing the color scheme and the decorative theme.
  • Search History – Search faster by saving and keeping track of search terms you’ve entered previously.
  • Automatic Form Fill – Manage and enter your personal information quicker into online forms so that you don’t have to type it over and over again.

You can grab the latest version of the Bing Toolbar at the Microsoft Download Center – Bing Toolbar (formerly MSN Toolbar).