As some of you who follow me on Twitter (@WinObs) may already be aware I have received my final retirement date from the US Navy and I will hang up my uniform in 2011 after 29 plus years of service.

In my time in the Navy a lot has happened in the tech world and this website has been one of my passions for the past 15 years.  Recently it has really provided me opportunities to do things like attend the official Windows 7 Launch in New York City in Oct 2009, meet people who I would have never had the chance to meet otherwise and be recognized as a Microsoft MVP.

It has really been a terrific time.

Well, all that hard work seems to have paid off and I am very pleased to let you know that will announce, along with an unidentified tech company (the ID of the company is still under embargo), a merger to create a portal that will cater and focus on Assistance, Framework and Deployability or what it will be known as – A.F.D. – to expand the level of news, tech support and information that we offer here at

It is an unbelievable opportunity and one I would not have if not for everyone of you all who visit and read this site each and everyday.

My thanks to everyone who has had a role in this terrific opportunity.

A.F.D. Rocks!