As I have already mentioned today, here and here, the IE9 Platform Preview was provided by Microsoft out at their MIX10 Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

It is a bare bones version of the next version of the Internet Explorer browser so it is missing most UI elements.

Well how would you like to at least have an address bar to open up web pages in IE9?

Well my friend Peter van Dam has built a simple tool that will give you an on screen address bar that will open web pages directly in IE9 for you without having to open the IE9 PP separately and go through the Page>Open menu items.


You can grab this very quick download at He is also offering the source code (Visual Basic) if you want it.

Here is what he says about installing it:

Just unpack the file and unzip. The program doesn’t need UAC approval and makes no file changes. (unless the .net framework does). It’s build with Visual Basic 2008 so .net Service Packs necessary to run that are necessary to run the program. It’s fully tested on my pc running Win7 64bit.

Please note this tool isn’t perfect. It’s just a quick build thing to help you out. I hope it works for you and it helps you just a little bit.

Thanks Peter for a handy tool!