As I prepare to watch the first MIX10 Live Keynote at I am tracking Twitter and all the info flying around from people at the conference.  You never know what tidbit you might catch.

Well based on a source I trust tremendously it looks like we will not see any Windows Live Wave 4 announcements during MIX10 however, it does appear that Internet Explorer 9 will be made available in some shape or form this week.

That actually makes a lot of sense as this is a developers conference and IE9 will be the next platform for web development out of Redmond. 

On the other hand that is not the case for Windows Live Wave 4. You see Windows Live Wave 4 is a suite of applications and although add ins are developed for Windows Live Writer, one of the programs in the suite, they are not a collection of programs that get developed for.

When will hear anything about Windows Live Wave 4?  Your guess is as good as mine at this point.

Update 11:45AM EDT: The Developers Build of IE9 will be made available on 16 March 2010 in and around the Tuesday keynote at MIX10.