Two weeks ago I wrote about how you can Open Windows Live Mail in Newsreader Mode where I explained how to open up Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail in Newsreader only mode.  So far I have gotten good feedback on that story and it was one of those readers who set me straight on a step I said was not possible.

You see in the previous post I stated that you could not get at the shortcut properties for programs that had icons on the Windows 7 taskbar:

There is a way to get it to open up directly in newsgroup mode but in Windows 7 it takes a few extra steps of negotiating your local directories to modify the programs shortcut that resides on the Windows 7 Taskbar.

Well that is not exactly true and thanks to Justin from the website Fortunate I can share that tidbit with you.

I was correct in that you can not directly click on the Windows 7 Taskbar icon to get at the shortcuts properties.  What you have to do is Right Click in order to get the Windows 7 Jumplist for that program to pop up. At that point just cursor/mouse over the program icon in the jumplist and Right Click again.

With that you will get access to the shortcut properties to any program pinned to your Windows 7 Taskbar.


Thanks for the tip Justin.