First let me lead off with my thanks to all 330 of you who entered the Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition Giveaway that we have been hosting for the last two weeks. I appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to follow this site and have a chance to win.  There are many more giveaways coming so stay tuned to this site for more info.

Second thanks go to @tweetswin for having the system in place to make it easy to host the contest. If you need to host a contest on Twitter then I highly recommend you visit their site – Tweets Win

So now – on to the announcements. Drum roll please….


The winner of the Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition (both 32 bit and 64 bit versions with one key) is @t42vek20. When she was notified of the results she gave me this quote:

I’m so happy to win this! My sister needs a new OS and this will be her Xmas present! Thank you so much for the contest! :-)

Well @t42vek20 we are happy for you as well.  In the spirit of Christmas I am also going to include a “I’M A PC!” mouse pad and stickers for you to keep since your sharing your prize.


We also have two runners up in the contest who will each receive a “I’M A PC!” mouse pad and a set of “I’M A PC” stickers. 

Congratulations to @jennvenn87 and @DanIsTheManNow for winning those.

Everyone needs to DM me on Twitter to provide some info so I can mail the prizes out.

For everyone else who entered and did not win this time – I really appreciate your participation and I hope you will stick around for more giveaways in the future. I have plenty more to send out!