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Gamers on Xbox360 who use Xbox Live are about to see the integration of social media with the Xbox360 interface.

We know from all the news out there since the E3 announcement earlier this year that Twitter and Facebook will be the two main social media systems added to the console.  In fact the preview of that console update is expected to be released this week sometime.

I have watched the video demo of the new social media and read the websites and I find this integration lacking in a few ways.

In fact I posted about this on my Twitter account earlier tonight and got a couple of replies from @iians and @Adam_Phillips87 and that prompted me to write this entry.

Initially it looks like Microsoft is simply making these apps available to Xbox Live users to be able to participate in these social media communities from their Xbox consoles.

Using these apps to share on social networking sites will be a challenge unless you have the small textpad keyboard that is sold as an accessory for your controller.  Otherwise it means moving a cursor around with various sticks and buttons to write a message. Very painful and slow.

However, what if these apps were integrated with Xbox Live and games to publicize what the gamer might be doing either in the console or a game?

Some examples of the type of integration I mean:

  • Post the following situations:
    • What game is being played
    • Whether in the console or not/what activity is being done in the console
    • Logged in/out status of Xbox Live
    • Achievements gained and in what game
    • Current gamer score/gamer score increases

Make all of these optional so the gamer can pick the level of integration they want with their Twitter or Facebook feeds.  By linking the names of games in the various tweets you create even further exposure for those items.

Whether it be Microsoft or game developers there are massive opportunities for some great integration with these social media communities and the Xbox360 console.

Do you have any ideas for this integration between the Xbox Live service and social media? Go ahead and add them to the comments to build up the list and share the ideas. Thanks.