Anyone up for interpreting this reply I just got from COMCAST?

I had asked if they were going to carry the new NFL Redzone channel in HD since it originates in that format.  Currently COMCAST only carries it in standard definition.

This is the reply I got:

I understand you would like further information regarding the addition of RedZone HD to your Comcast channel lineup.

Our goal is to provide a wide choice of quality cable networks and local broadcast channels reflecting the diverse programming interests of our customers. In addition to requests from customers, the following factors play a part in our decision making process:

– FCC regulations, such as requirements to carry all local broadcast channels

– Requirement by local broadcasters to carry their affiliated cable networks

– The number of access channels required by local government

– Customer satisfaction with networks carried in other systems

– Customer satisfaction with similar networks

– Importance of the network to our diverse community

– Level of interest across a percentage of our customer base

– Per-subscriber programming fees charged by the network versus the value added to the line-up

As you may know, we have been investing millions of dollars in new technology to increase the channel capacity of the system through digital technology. So an additional factor in launching new channels is whether or not a particular network is available in the digital format.

What this all means is that we take all requests for new networks very seriously, and that we carefully consider the overall impact of adding each network. While we cannot honor every request, we do take each request into consideration in planning future changes to the line-up.

I tried to find a web based translation service for this but had no luck at all. Anyone want to take a shot in the comments?

Why not just tell me – “not right now – maybe later” :-)