OK – so I am doing my normal evening routine looking through RSS feeds and Twittering interesting links when I decide to participate in a Need For Speed SHIFT contest on Twitter.

So I tweeted the following to @NeedForSpeed:


OK- so not long after that tweet hits the airwaves I get the following from @Doc_Brown and had to laugh because it made such great sense:


Now the only reason I got that reply was because I used the word roads (I am sure road would work also) in my tweet. Of course this service adds absolutely zero value to my tweeting but it did make me laugh because it made sense – as it should to anyone who has seen the Back to the Future series of movies (specifically the second one for this line right at the beginning).

Another one I inadvertently came across a few weeks ago was @_spell.  The tweet when I discovered this service was quite some time ago so I can not retrieve it anymore but I did an update tonight just to show how it works. 

Send a tweet to anyone with (sp?) next to a word and @_spell will reply back and tell you whether it correct or not.


In return I got this from @_spell


If for some reason the word is wrong then the exchange with @_spell will look like this:


and @_spell will reply:


All in all a very clever use of Twitter.  You can even directly ask @_spell for a spelling check by addressing a tweet directly to @_spell and putting the word behind their Twitter handle or use the (sp?) after a word.

So now I am asking for your input – what are some other great and unique uses of Twitter that you have come across in your Twitter Time.