Nothing special about this picture except it is a FEDEX delivery truck crossing an intersection I was stopped at.

Did you know that logo has an arrow in it? Well I didn’t see it either until a few weeks ago after I was told about it being there.

Now I can not stop seeing that arrow first thing when the logo crosses my path.  My eyes are always drawn to it.  Kind of like the Old Lady/Young Lady illusion picture. Your mind gets tweaked in someway and you will always see the same thing when you first see the picture/logo.

It is not very technical – simply a good design process that uses the white space in the logo between the letters E and X. Although any discussion about fonts and type faces have a technical aspect to them – especially in this day and age of computers – so I guess it does fit with the intent of this site.

The logo was designed by Lindon Leader and I was able to find a great interview with him from 2004 that details the creation of this logo back in 1994.  Check out TheSneeze and read the interview The Man Behind the FedEx Logo.