Get a Free Copy of Windows 7


Are you interested in obtaining your own free copy of Windows 7 Professional? Well there is a way to do it if your lucky enough to be living in the right place or close enough and willing to drive to a free event being sponsored by Microsoft.


This is a half day event that introduces IT Professionals and Developers to the new technologies behind Windows 7, Windows Server 2008R2 and Exchange Server 2010.

The topic areas being covered include:

  • Windows 7
    • See how Windows 7 can help you reduce management costs and raise productivity as part of the Windows Optimized Desktop
    • Manage Risks through enhanced security and control
    • See new deployment tools with enhanced data protection, better control, automation and advanced image management
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Dynamically provision and manage virtual workloads with Live Migration and System Center
    • Reduce energy costs with improved power management and policies for servers and clients
    • Improve productivity and lower costs for branch office and remote workers together with Windows 7
  • Exchange Server 2010
    • Simplify administration and deployment of your messaging platform
    • Lower IT costs with new archiving capabilities that combine advanced multi-mailbox search, granular retention polices, and more
    • Extend access to your messaging platform with mobility, voicemail, and the Internet

Now as I read on the page space is limited so sign up early to make sure you get your seat and your free copy of Windows 7 Professional.

26 thoughts on “Get a Free Copy of Windows 7

  1. Dr. David J. Stickley August 11, 2010 at 12:42 PM -

    When I bought my daughter a HP desktop computer with windows vista installed, they did not give us the back up disk and now the computer will not access the Microsoft Vista. It keeps saying to install the back up disk and hit repair. The place we bought the computer was Circuit City which is now out of business. Any ideas??????

    • You should have received a restore disk with your computer that would allow you to restore the computer back to the way it was on the day you bought it. That of course will replace everything on the hard drive so all data will be lost as well. If your already unable to access then you may have lost the data anyway.

      However, try this – see if you can borrow a Windows Vista install DVD from a friend (same type that is on her computer Home, Ultimate) and try to do a recovery of the system that will not remove the data but maybe fix the boot record that may be preventing access to the OS so it can boot up.

      If that will not work then you will need to restore the system with the restore disks. With Circuit City out of business and if this is out of warranty anyway you may not have much choice but to maybe purchase Windows 7 and upgrade the system if it is unbootable anyway.

      Did it not come with any Windows Vista DVD?

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