It is hard to believe that the day is drawing near for Windows 7 to be Released To Manufacturing (RTM). I say that based on the abundance of news and stories around the web that indicate 13 July 2009 is the day it will happen.

Whether it is actually the date, or close to the date, or way off as the date, it is unlikely that we the public will see another official release from Microsoft beyond the current Release Candidate download we have had since the beginning of May. By the way – that download is going to disappear from your computer screens around 15 Aug – about 6 weeks away.

So here is my question for those of you who are using or have used Windows 7 – what do you think? What works for you in Windows 7? What doesn’t work for you in Windows 7? What is your favorite feature or what is missing from Windows 7?

Please feel free to leave a comment on this post answering any and/or all of the above questions. In return for your commentary I will be doing a giveaway once we have at least 25 comments.  Everyone who comments is in the mix for grabbing and putting their hands on some very cool Microsoft goodies:


A set of 4 I’m a PC stickers…but wait…that’s not all!


A yellow I’m a PC mouse pad will also be included for your mousing pleasure!

I look forward to hearing your opinions on Windows 7.