Here we go again – just the other day I wrote about an Opt Out option for the game Spymaster in my post Do You Want to be a Spymaster on Twitter? Me neither! 

Well just a few days later there is another game using Twitter as the medium but the difference between this one and Spymaster is that there is no Opt Out anywhere to be found on the website for the game.

You would think that folks developing these games would have figured it out by now.  Unsolicited DM’s and a constant flow of Tweets in our timeline that only have to do with their game does not create a positive outlook from those of us who choose not to participate in the game.

Just like with Spymaster, I have absolutely no heartburn with those who choose to play the games that use Twitter as a medium.  However, it is in your best interest from a PR perspective to have an Opt Out on your website for those of us who would like to filter those things from our DM box and timeline.

Unsolicited DM’s are the SPAM of Twitter – please do not be a spammer – give us an Opt Out from the start.