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US Army Says No to Windows 7, Yes to Vista Upgrade
DailyTech – Chicago,IL,USA
Just as Windows 7 hype is reaching full swing in preparation for a October release, the US Army announced that like many large organizations,
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Office 2010 CTP on Windows 7 RC – 173 Screenshot Gallery
Softpedia – Bucharest,Romania
The speed of the deployment process is impressive, especially if the underlying hardware configuration is tailored to Windows 7. Speaking of which, as you
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Week in review: Apple’s pending harvest
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
You have nothing that can beat an equally-priced Windows 7 PC (assuming the likely Vista price model), which is not strange; they have a reason for not
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Soft Sailor

Microsoft To Drop The Three App Limit From Windows 7 Starter Edition
Soft Sailor – Scottsdale,AZ,USA
Finally, some good news about Windows 7. According to Paul Thurrott, from the SuperSite for Windows blog, Microsoft will remove the three app limit from the
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Report: Microsoft Set To Reveal Windows 7 Pricing
ChannelWeb – Manhasset,NY,USA
Microsoft in mid-June will publicly reveal pricing for its six Windows 7 SKUs, according to TechARP, an enthusiast blog that has correctly predicted major
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Six things we’d like to see in future Netbooks
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
While Windows 7 is aimed at going multiplatform, we also hope it considers optimizing the experience for smaller screens. 4. Get even cheaper.
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Windows 7 Pricing Expected Mid-June
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
Microsoft reportedly plans to release Windows 7 pricing publicly in mid-June. According to Windows tipster Web siteTechArp, Microsoft plans to disclose the
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Gizmodo – Windows 7: The Complete Guide (Now With RC1!) – Windows
By Wilson Rothman
We’ve covered Windows 7 from rumor to release candidate, which you can currently download and install for free. Now, it’s enchilada time: Here’s everything of value that we learned about Win 7, packed in a complete, easy-to-read guide.
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Windows 7 Netbooks Maximum Requirements Revealed – Specs, reviews
By Chris
Microsoft has gone ahead and revealed the maximum requirements for Windows 7 netbooks. Excited? Anxious? What will Windows 7 need in order to perform well on a netbook? Well let’s take a look at the picture here, shall we? –

Windows 7 Security: A Comprehensive Guide
By parthodeep
With the launch of service pack-2, Microsoft claims Windows Vista is the safest and most reliable OS that the software giant has ever developed. In Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner words, it’s also the most secured OS in
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Microsoft prepping maximum specs for Windows 7 netbooks | Netbook
By Jet Sun
Up until now, the presence of Windows XP has dominated the netbook scene. This may be set to change with the launch of Windows 7 which, unlike Vista, has been.
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Bits from Bill: Windows 7 may come with a Steep Price
By Bill Pytlovany
So far most of my predictions about Windows 7 have been right on the money. Microsoft has scaled back the number of versions. Computer manufactures confirm they’ll have Windows7 installed on machines in time for Christmas.
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