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Dell Reveals Windows 7 Much More Expensive Than Vista, Worries
DailyTech – Chicago,IL,USA
Windows 7 is shaping up to be a very polished OS, but according to Dell, it will be much more expensive than Windows Vista or XP.
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Sanyo PLC-WXU700 LCD projector announced
SlashGear – Scottsdale,AZ,USA
You can connect this projector to a PC running Windows Vista and it will automatically become a network projector. It can stream videos in 1280 x 800
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Top 10 Windows 7 Features #4: A worthwhile Windows Explorer
BetaNews – USA
that the \Application Data\Local Settings\Microsoft\Office folder in Windows XP maps to the \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office folder in Windows Vista.
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Dell Intros Netbook for Students
Gearlog – New York,NY,USA
The computer ships with either Linux or Windows (Vista or XP Home) installed and runs off of the Intel N270 Atom chip. It also features built-in Wi-Fi a
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Dell warns Windows 7 will raise PC prices
Electronista – Santa Clara,CA,USA
The concerns come in spite of optimism regarding Windows 7 itself. Many of Dell’s customers are anticipating 7 where they had consciously avoided Vista,
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Microsoft Extends BlueTrack to Two New Mice
PC Magazine – USA
All three work with Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Mac OS X 10.2x-10.5x., and use a 2.4GHz wireless signal with a 30-foot range.
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Microsoft PC ads finally hurting Mac image?
Electronista – Santa Clara,CA,USA
The overall effect is nonetheless a minor victory for Microsoft, which has been battered since 2007 due to both Windows Vista and Apple’s own success at
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Windows Windows/Vista/XP/ME/95/2000 – Germany
CryptoExpert Lite läuft unter Windows Windows, Vista, XP, ME, 95, 2000, das letzte Update wurde am 18. Mai 2009 in die ZDNet-Download-Datenbank aufgenommen.
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Windows Windows/Vista/XP – Germany
Waves GTR Solo läuft unter Windows Windows, Vista, XP, die Dateigröße beträgt 70,37 MByte und das letzte Update wurde am 17.
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Microsoft: Skip Vista, Evaluate Windows 7
Windows IT Pro – Loveland,CO,USA
It’s a story with an almost viral quality to it: Did Microsoft last week literally advise customers to skip Windows Vista, its current beleaguered desktop
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Disable and Uninstall Windows Defender in Vista
By parthodeep
If the Windows Defender is serving none of your purposes, why not get rid of it. Well, you might have no clue, how to uninstall or remove the Windows Defender in Windows Vista. Here’s the trick and hack to disable Windows Defender.
Simple Thoughts – Java and Web Blog –

~ and " Problem with Vista (Windows Live Messenger)
By emmani
Hi all, I need help with an issue of mine which is bothering me. I am using Windows Vista Home Premium and have the Keyboard setting of English (United.
Windows BBS –

ATI Catalyst 9.5 Driver – Everything you want to know | AMD at Play
By Ian McNaughton
By meeting Microsoft’s WHQL certification requirements in ATI CatalystTM 9.5 driver for both Windows 7 and Windows Vista, we clearly showcase our continued focus on delivering an extremely stable and robust Win 7 experience.
AMD at Play –

IBM Chides Microsoft Over Poor Roadmap Directions | BNET
By Michael Hickins
Windows 7 will not make significant architectural changes over Windows Vista… [so] we expect that Windows 7 will run most if not all applications that run on Windows Vista… the transition to Windows 7 should be much more
BNET Technology –