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Intel, Nvidia Spark Good News for Graphics Market
eWeek – New York, NY
The arrival of Apple Snow Leopard and Microsoft Windows 7, as well as 45-nanometer GPUs and new designs from ATI and Nvidia, are expected to bring positive
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Microsoft to switch off AutoPlay in Windows 7 – UK
The company said that it will be changing the AutoPlay component in Windows 7 to prevent external components such as USB drives from automatically executing
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Win 7, Snow Leopard Could Give Graphics Chip a Spark
PC World – USA
Operating systems like Apple’s Snow Leopard and Microsoft’s Windows 7, which may be released later this quarter, could enhance the multimedia experience for
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Palm Pre rumor of the day: June 7 release date
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
strategy on to keep their loyal costumers waiting until they got board and purchase another else (just like the release of vista and now windows 7).
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Windows 7 Is Here!
PC Magazine – USA
We tell you whether you should install Windows 7 now, review the world’s two best Bluetooth headsets, tear down a $9000 PC and dig into the week’s iPhone
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Windows 7’s ‘XP Mode’: A Great Idea, on Paper
PC World – USA
With Windows 7, it’s putting the legacy Win32 API genie back in the bottle — or more precisely, tucking it inside a custom-integrated virtual machine where
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Windows 7 Gets Its Own Web Site
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
By Paul McDougall Microsoft has launched a new Web site that aims to build interest in its forthcoming Windows 7 operating system among developers and other
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Windows 7 on a netbook – My verdict
I’ve been running Windows 7 on a Samsung NC10 netbook for some months. With the Windows 7 Release Candidate now leaked, it’s time for a verdict on whether
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Waiting for Windows 7
SmartBrief – Washington,DC,USA
Businesses eager to test whether their applications will be compatible with Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 7, can plan to start next month.
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Windows 7 Way Smarter With Graphics RAM
Tom’s Hardware Guide – Culver City,CA,USA
Windows 7 will now be more efficient in its use of RAM, which will have the positive effect of making everything run smoother – particularly on systems with
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Microsoft opens up new Windows site – Talking About Windows
By Al
Microsoft yesterday opened up a community-based site based on the upcoming Windows 7 operating system called Talking About Windows. The site features videos and.
Windows 7 Center –

Microsoft tightens Windows 7 security for USB drives : News
By (Ina Fried)
Windows 7 won’t automatically launch programs using AutoRun when USB drives are inserted, the company says.
ZDNet Asia Latest Tech News –

XdN Tweaker (Windows 7)
By Xenomorph
XdN Tweaker has been released with improved support for Windows 7 (including the public RC build 7100). New features include the ability to disable "Drag from Maximize" and other window arrangement features like "Aero Shake" and / All – Windows 7’s "XP Mode" Discussed
Slashdot discussion on Windows 7’s Virtual XP Mode and what sort of pain it could cause IT professionals. Personally I think it’s a neat idea to allow a transition for users, as well as a nice bridge for people who are still on XP and –

Get your applications ready for Windows 7 – walkthrough (Part I
By Mark Voermans
Dates for the Windows 7 RC were announced last week. This blog posting is meant to be a one-stop introduction to next steps for the process of getting your application Windows 7-compatible and then lighting up your application with the
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