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Another "Laptop Hunter" Ad From Microsoft
BusinessWeek – USA
They came up with the “story line” a year ago, when Vista awfulness was still a main tech story and Windows 7 was more than a year off.
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Vista SP2 and Windows 7 More Secure than Linux and Mac OS X Leopard
Softpedia – Bucharest,Romania
At the same time, the Redmond company’s COO has indicated that Windows 7, the software giant’s next iteration of Windows will also be more secure than Linux
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Microsoft Coming Out With Windows 7 Soon But Still Plans To Allow
New York, NY (AHN) – Although Microsoft is coming out with new operating system Windows 7, it will still allow vendors to swap out older operating systems
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Microsoft on Windows 7: They did it right this time – Framingham,MA,USA
Although Windows 7 isn’t released yet, I expect it to be a much larger success than Windows Vista. I even expect it to be as solid and popular as the
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How Microsoft Is Fighting Back (Finally)
BusinessWeek – USA
Named simply Windows 7, the program promises greater ease of use and reliability, rather than new bells and whistles. And while every major Windows overhaul
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Richard Sprague WebLog : Fingerprint reader on Windows 7
By sprague
I upgraded my work laptop with Windows 7 a month or two ago (and I love it!) and most things are going smoothly. But one feature I’m loving a lot is the ability to swipe my finger across the fingerprint reader built into my Lenovo X60
Richard Sprague WebLog –

US ISV Developer Evangelism Team : How Do Those Windows 7
By Bruce Kyle
So just how do those Windows 7 Application Compatibility Labs work? We asked the team who works the labs with you. Here’s the questions and answers: 1) Can I get some details of what is a typical experience for this lab?
US ISV Developer Evangelism Team –

Many IT Firms to Wait for Windows 7 (IT Management) – Windows 7 Forums
By News
A new survey of 2000 IT buyers found that 53 percent are currently planning to skip Windows Vista altogether and instead will wait to move from.
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