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I noticed you skipped Windows 2000
Windows Vista is not a failure either, I look at it similarly to Windows 2000 which introduced major stability improvements to carry the Windows platform
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Microsoft allows HP to wipe Windows 7 with XP through 2010
Apple Insider – Herndon,VA,USA
This enables the company to claim having sold a Windows Vista license for all new shipping PCs; it continues to insist that PC makers ship their machines
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Windows Vista® Migration: What Really Happens? A Customer’s
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
There is no end to commentary about migration to Windows Vista®, and unfortunately, a lot of it is opinion, guesswork and, sometimes, misinformation.
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RE[5]: I’ll provide a little example
OS News – USA
They did not blame Windows XP but the hardware maker. Then came Vista. People accepted some hardware did not run with Windows Vista.
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Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Exam Windows Vista 70
By jeffdrake
Microsoft Offical Academic Course designed for Windows Vista Configuration by Craig Zacker. This course series will provide students and instructors with the skills and knowledge they need to use Microsoft technology effectively in all
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[Information on (re)installing Vista]
By dragonfire
hi folks as this is only my second post i hope i do it right as a mature person i was wondering if someone could put me on the right track please i.
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Banging the Drum – Windows Live
I can’t really say enough about how much better the computing experience is with Windows XP versus Windows Vista. I mean, for the first time in almost a year. I really feel like I have total and complete control over my computer.
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Windows SMP asking for username and password? –
By ps-gunkie
Type in your Windows Vista login password. * Re-type your Windows Vista login password. *** It is normal that you will not see anything being written for your password *** After you have entered your last password you should see this – –

64bit and x64 – 64 bit experience on Windows 7
The same problem occurred with Windows Vista in the start due to unavailability of Vista-Compatible-Software – but now everyone is on Vista. Similarly, same thing will happen with 64-bit systems, once the hype of it will arrive,
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