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Easily Control a Remote PC From Anywhere
PC World – USA
In Windows Vista, click Start, right-click Computer, select Properties, and click Remote settings in the left pane. Click the radio button next to Allow
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Microsoft to attack Mac pricing in new series of TV ads
Apple Insider – Herndon,VA,USA
More importantly however, the HP notebook runs Windows Vista, rated by ChangeWave as having the lowest operating system satisfaction rating in rankings that
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Vista Capable lawsuit may regain class status
Electronista – Santa Clara,CA,USA
The case would now include just those who either qualified for an upgrade from Windows Vista to XP separately or else who bought Vista Capable pcs whose
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Pwn2Own contest winner: Macs are safer than Windows
Apple Insider – Herndon,VA,USA
Microsoft was forced to start over with Vista several times and was distracted by the need to address immediate security problems in Windows XP.
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GreenTech Pastures
The first, called Saving Costs and Energy With Windows Vista, outlines the operating system’s more than 30 specific energy-efficiency advantages over
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Top Tip: Should I buy Windows Vista now or wait for …
Extreme Tech – USA
"First, I’ve been using Vista Ultimate x64 since release and have absolutely loved it. Simply put…everything I had worked, from peripherals to games.
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Testers get RTM-Escrow build of SP2 for Vista, Server 2008
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
Microsoft has given testers the RTM-Escrow build of Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Participants can grab it via Windows Update,
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Little Miss Enviro Geek : HOW TO: Windows Vista Power Management Video
By biwirth
Just a real quick one today: on my personal Green IT website , I have posted a short 1:16 minute video targeted more for end-users and general public, on how to configure their Windows Vista machine to Energy Star-recommended power
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Enable Administrator Account in Windows Vista | eJabs
By Matt Jabs
Enable the Administrator Account Open the command prompt with Administrative privileges by opening the Start Menu, and typing cmd in the search box, and.
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DVICE: SHIFT: Why Windows 7 doesn’t matter
By CharlieWhite
Windows 7 is nowhere near as fantastic as it’s being touted in the blogosphere, nor is Windows Vista as horrible. In the end, typical users will hardly notice any difference in their day-to-day computing lives.

How do I upgrade from Windows Me to Windows XP or Vista?
By Guest Geek
Q: How do I change from Windows ME to Windows Vista or XP?
Ask A Geek – » Windows 7 haste means mistakes » Windows
By admin
Steve Ballmer & Co. are pulling out all the stops to get Windows 7 in people’s hands as quickly as possible, after the disappointing response to the release of Windows Vista more than two years ago. Unfortunately for Microsoft, speed –