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Windows Windows/Vista/XP – Germany
Syncplicity is effortless synchronization, backup, and sharing. Install it on one computer and all your important documents, photos, and music are backed up
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Windows Windows/Vista/XP – Germany
With Voice Thing!, you can subtly or radically change the character of your voice, turn your (audio) self into a monster or alien, and create the effect of
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Why Ballmer’s big mouth is good for Microsoft
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
And he’s only telling us what we already know: Windows Mobile is in desperate need of a meaningful update; Windows Vista is a bloated mess that Microsoft
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TechFlash | Windows Vista picking up steam as demand rises for 64
TechFlash – Seattle,WA,USA
By Todd Bishop on March 23, 2009 at 3:20 PDT For all the fancy graphics and big security improvements that Microsoft touted to sell Windows Vista,
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RE[7]: Great Release!
OS News – USA
People try and paint what Windows Vista/7, OS X and KDE behind it are doing as some king of ‘spinning cube’ thing that no one needs, but it will all fall on
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RE[6]: Great Release!
OS News – USA
"Inferior," is very subjective. Honestly, you complain about GNOME fanboys, but it takes a fanboy to know one I suppose. Look at the crap you’re spouting
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Vodafone trials online account management tool – Southborough,MA,USA
Express is available to the first 25000 customers to download the application and is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista 32 bit editions.
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Vista hits 30% share while some XP users go Mac
Electronista – Santa Clara,CA,USA
Microsoft’s Windows Vista has finally crossed the 30 percent mark in share this week, according to StatCounter data. The milestone came more than two years
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InfoWorld Daily Podcast
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
Windows Vista ®: A Cyber Security Shield – Windows Vista ® incorporates a number of new and enhanced security features that address spyware,
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Apple Premium Pricing Buys More Than a Logo
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
In addition, many people will happily pay $300 to not be subjected to Windows Vista. Others, like me, do not find Vista that objectionable (and are liking
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Windows Vista picking up steam as demand rises for 64-bit PCs
Demand for computers with souped-up, 64-bit processors is nudging more PC buyers to go with Windows Vista these days, despite its negative reputation and continued demand for Windows XP, writes Jon Bach, president of Puget Systems,
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Windows Vista Contact file converter – Forums
By CrazyRussian540
I have a bunch of Windows Vista Contact files (*.contact) that I want converted into a standard contact file (*.csv or *.vcf). Anyone know a program. Forums –

Windows 7 concepts that never made the cut
By Tom Warren
That is Windows Vista, apparently, they started concepts on Windows Vista, and then after getting the idea of what they were going to do, they went and made Windows 7 from Windows Vista. That is when the alpha builds of Windows 7 came / Main –

Engineering Windows 7 : Federating Windows Search with Enterprise
By e7blog
The Windows Explorer has evolved by enabling you to find all sorts of content by searching for it. Many of you have used the search features in Windows Vista (based on our instrumented data) from the start menu or from the search box in
Engineering Windows 7 –

Microsoft Windows Vista 1.2 | BeNolSatuEm
By admin
Windows Vista is now available for IT professionals and developers with MSDN and TechNet subscriptions. In the coming weeks, Microsoft will start the Windows Provides Software,Games,E-Books,Magazines and Graphics.
BeNolSatuEm –