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JOHN DVORAK’S SECOND OPINION Microsoft’s future rides on Windows 7
MarketWatch – USA
(MarketWatch) — Some observers think that Windows 7, the next iteration of the Microsoft franchise/cash cow operating system will make or break the company
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Windows 7 Release Candidate Changes Allow for Better Digestion and – USA
By Erica Ho , 8:20 PM on Fri Mar 13 2009, 11680 views Did you know Microsoft trimmed down sound files so your computer can boot up faster in the Windows 7
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Windows 7 on Netbooks
Before you damn Windows 7 too much, I would point out that the beta (7000) runs very well on my netbook, a Lenovo s10e. Of course, it is not quite feature
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Windows 7 Getting Fine Tuned, Features Added
Visual Studio Magazine – Irvine,CA,USA
Microsoft on Friday described even more user interface tweaks and bug fixes being carried out by the Windows 7 engineering team in preparation for the
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Download All For Free..: Windows 7 Glass "Must Have" Nice Theme
By Darkstone
Windows 7 Glass "5.68 MB" Windows 7 Glass Visual Style for XP What’s New? – Redesigned titlebar background – Enhanced window borders and taskbar buttonsWith Silverlight wallpaper and Segoe UI font. Download:
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How to dual boot Vista and Windows 7 – VISTA.BLORGE
By Justin Montgomery
How to dual boot Vista and Windows 7 Both Vista and Windows 7 can easily co-exist on one machine, and the process is easier than you may think. It’s as simple as making sure both operating systems are installed and running efficiently,

Windows 7 []
By Kirk Pepperdine
Microsoft has been showed up at a number of Java conferences lately. While QCon isn’t strictly Java, it does dominate the agenda. This time the eye candy to attract geeks was a large coffee table with a built in touch screen.
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