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Internet remote media streaming in Windows 7
ZDNet Blogs – USA
On the other hand, this new feature isn’t part of Windows 7 as such; it’s part of Windows Media Player 12, the next version of Microsoft’s multimedia player
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Internet Explorer 8 can be turned off in Windows 7
BetaNews – USA
It’s not the same as letting users say they don’t want it in the first place, but as Microsoft confirms, Windows 7 users will be allowed to tell setup to
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DigiTimes: EETI Prepping to Ship 7 and 12 Inch Capacitive Touch Panels
Gotta Be Mobile – Colorado Springs,CO,USA
This is news we would expect to see given that Windows 7 will make multi-touch available as long as we have the hardware. According to a DigiTimes report,
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Microsoft Windows 7 to offer opt-outs for users
International Business Times – New York,NY,USA
By Isabel Gonçalves NEW YORK – Microsoft has apparently submitted to European pressure and has built a feature within Windows 7 that allows users the option
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Windows 7 beta, Flex Builder and debugging. – Tom’s blog
By admin
I recently got a new laptop and I decided to install Windows 7 on it. After installing Flex Builder I thought everything was ok until I needed to debug one of my projects. I got this annoying message: Waiting for Flash Player to connect
Tom’s blog –

How to get the old XP/Vista taskbar back in Windows 7 | Windows 7
By Al
The first change people will notice when they install Windows 7, is the taskbar. The taskbar has been improved to minimize the number of clicks needed to access.
Windows 7 Center –

Give Windows 7 Look to Windows XP |
By SolSie
Windows 7 introduces some subtle changes to the user interface and a cleaner appearance. If you have WindowBlinds 6. This skin called “Prototype Final” brings some visual elements to your venerable Windows XP. –

IE optional in Windows 7: Sci-Tech: News: News24
News24: Sci-Tech: News: IE optional in Windows 7: Microsoft says a control panel in its next-generation computer operating system will let users shut off Internet Explorer 8 and other built-in programs.
Sci-Tech –,,2-13,00.html

Windows 7 Includes Option to Disable Features You Don’t Use … IE8
By David Aamodt
Don’t ask us how Mircrosoft is doing it, but they seem to be pulling off this whole Windows 7 thing rather well. If, like me, you tired of Vista’s heavy handed interface that made customization a chore, Windows 7 will make your life
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