NO – I am not crying over my Twitter.  Although the recent influx of spammers and link bait profiles is frustrating enough to make you cry for Twitters’ lost innocence :-)


What I am talking about is blu (yes all lower case letters on purpose).  Here are some details from their blu website:

Unlimited tweets

With blu you can view unlimited tweets. Just keep scrolling and more tweets will be loaded and displayed automatically.

New tweets and inline replies

Click the update icon from the bottom menu and a new text entry field will appear.

See the full conversation

Here’s another great feature in blu. You get a tweet, but it’s a reply to something you said earlier and you can’t quite remember what it was you said.

Tiny url integration

That’s right. We’ve added tiny url support. Simply type or paste a link into the update bubble and blu will convert it for you. No extra buttons, no extra box.

Choose your favorites

We know you follow a lot of people, but perhaps you follow some individuals a little more enthusiastically than others. blu hears you!

This is the kind of application you typically see built for a Mac system – however the PC benefits from this one and the folks at thirteen23 have done a great job and promise even more as it continues in its development. This thing really sparkles – I mean it – check out the start up sequence!

There are other nice touches such as every once in a while the bird “flutters” and at shut down there is a nice sequence.  In fact, throughout the program there are very well done transitions.

Here is a brief tour of some of the features:

Logon Screen.
Friends Timeline Tab
Direct Message Tab
Replies Tab


The three buttons appear when you hover over a tweet.  They are Reply, Direct Message and Retweet.


This is a reply in blu – notice the watermark reply arrow in the background?


This is the Update box in blu.  The counter in the background counts the characters left for your tweet.

I would be interested in hearing your opinion of blu as well – do you think this is a viable Twitter client?