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Nvidia Ion Receiving Microsoft, OEM Support
PC Magazine – USA
by Mark Hachman Microsoft has certified the Nvidia Ion platform for use with Windows Vista, Nvidia said Wednesday. Netbooks containing the Ion platform will
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Microsoft: Windows 7 No ‘magic Bullet’ for Enterprises
PC World – USA
"You have the same level of application compatibility from XP to Windows Vista or Windows 7." Enterprise customers who would have had to replace
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As window closes on Vista, Microsoft makes last-ditch corporate push
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
The government of Fulton County, Ga., for example, is a Microsoft enterprise customer and tested the beta of Windows Vista three years ago as part of
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Windows 7 buzz may stall Vista
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
Although Windows 7 is designed to be highly compatible with Windows Vista, all of the things that have made going from XP to Vista a challenge for
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Microsoft warns businesses of risk in moving from XP to 7
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
For enterprises, Windows 7 features a number of improvements over Windows Vista, which Microsoft says will make corporate users more productive and also
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Hacker challenge takes aim at browsers, smartphones
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
That contest will play out on a Sony notebook equipped with Windows 7, the still-under-construction successor to Windows Vista. The second challenge will
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Nvidia to power Dark Knight on Vista netbooks
Register – London,England,UK
Microsoft has certified drivers for Windows Vista Home Premium for use with Nvidia’s small and sexy ION graphics acceleration platform, which juices netbook
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Nvidia’s Ion Platform Certified for Vista – Lake Oswego,OR,USA
Nvidia’s Ion graphics platform for inexpensive, Atom-powered small form-factor PCs and netbooks has been certified for use with Windows Vista.
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Ars Technica

NVIDIA Ion certified for Vista Home Premium
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
This could mark the beginning of a trend towards Windows Vista adoption in the netbook segment, but only if NVIDIA can secure the necessary design wins.
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Windows 7 Beta Download Period Is Ending
Sci-Tech Today – USA
It was fueled, she said, by the continuing use of Windows XP, the economy, and a bad press that lingered from Vista’s less-than-perfect launch period.
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Windows 7 theme for Vista | Vista Themes – Free Windows Vista Themes
By oceandragon
Now there is a simple nice theme for Vista. I love the simple light of the theme desinged in the sky blue background. The cool blue start orb with.
Vista Themes – Free Windows Vista Themes –

Microsoft places stamp of approval on Vista-based Ion SFF PCs
By Andrew
As with so many other devices in the world, NVIDIA’s Ion platform is now Certified for Windows Vista, meaning that PC users could one day experience all the joys of the aforesaid OS on Ion-based rigs as low as $299.
Tech stories – TechChuck –

Windows 7 Starter Edition is a $875.000.000 rip-off! | Windows 7
Let’s do a simple calculation here: Microsoft sold 140+ million copies of Vista! If Microsoft also sells 140+ million copies of Windows 7 then maybe 25% (rough speculation) might want to buy the Starter edition, simply because there are
Windows 7 Themes – | The Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Program Rev. 2.0 –
By Sumeeth Evans
Microsoft is using "Windows 7 Upgrade Program" as the place-holder for the Windows Vista to Windows 7 upgrade program, which was also known as the Windows 7 Technical Guarantee Program. Microsoft will announce the final program name at –

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