Have you heard all the buzz on Twitter for the last two days? No not the normal buzz of Twitter itself but actually the buzz around a new program concept that was released to the Twitterverse two days ago.

It is the brain child of Gary McCaffrey and it is called Tweeter Getter.  According to Gary’s profile on Twitter he is a “Full Time Internet Marketer” from Belfast, Ireland.

The concept behind Tweeter Getter is that you send a single tweet to all of your followers and it will result in you getting upwards of 19,530 followers within 30 days. All the details are on his page so you can read all the marketing for the concept yourself and even opt to participate in it if you so choose.

I did – I tweeted Gary’s tweet once to my followers on the morning of the 11th of February. I have roughly added 28 users since then.  I can not attribute all of those to Tweeter Getter though because prior to yesterday I have been having a steady increase of followers each day of approx 20 each day.  Over the last month I have averaged 13 new followers a day total.

So yes I have most likely gained a few followers from Tweeter Getter – I will admit that up front.  Even if I am adding 5 new visitors per day at the start I would have to start averaging 645 new followers per day to reach the target of 19,530 that Gary mentions on his Tweeter Getter main page. I just do not see that happening.  According to Twitter Counter I am projected to only have 1,462 followers in 30 days at this pace.

I messed with some numbers based on searches and observations of profiles of 15 random users that I pulled up earlier today on Twitter’s search engine.

In the 5 minutes it took me to copy down the info on those twitterers who had posted using Tweeter Getter, Gary added 34 followers to his account (5,772 to 5,806).  That is 6 new followers a minute.  The total number of followers these 15 accounts had were 3,501.  I took those stats at 12:40PM EST.

Tonight just before I started writing this post I pulled some more data and got these numbers (data pulled at 7:22PM EST):

  • Gary’s follower count was at 6,851.  That means he added 1,045 followers in 7 hours – an average of 150 per hour.
  • During that same time frame the 15 people I pulled up had added a total of 81 followers – an average of just over 11 per hour.
  • I also fired up Tweetdeck with a search for @garymccaffrey when I got home and in one hour 187 tweets came across using Gary’s Tweeter Getter.  During that same hour Gary went from 6,851 followers to 6,988 – an increase of 137. So his pace has slowed slightly from earlier today but with my rough averages it could almost be a wash.  However, he seems to be converting about 60% of the people who use Tweeter Getter into followers (they could opt out of following him – that is very clear on Tweeter Getters landing page).

According to Twitter Counter – Gary has added 6,041 followers since the 10th of Feb when he started this concept.  The 30 day prediction is for him to have 66,555 if he maintains the pace he is setting with Tweeter Getter.  He is already ranked as the 555th user of all Twitterers out there.

So what does this all mean?

This was a brilliant concept.  I do not think it will translate into as many followers for people who use the system but it has certainly resulted in a huge boost in his followers.  That has happened because his account is a follow option on every tweet that Tweeter Getter generates and about 60% of the users are keeping him opted in.  That is their choice – again – Gary makes that very clear.

Now remember – Tweeter Getter is crossing the Twitter timeline roughly 180 or so times an hour.  Can you imagine posting that initial tweet on your account that many times in an hour?  You would need to be doing that in order to expose yourself to as many potential followers as Gary is.  Plus you would have to hope that your followers did not start bailing on you because they were fed up with seeing that one tweet or a diff version of it 180 times in 60 minutes!  Perform at your own risk of losing followers!

I do think he could do more on his landing page to be clear about that instead of this simple phrase (emphasis is his):

Of course, that’s only if the scenario above happens exactly as I described it. In reality, you could get less or much more!

In the long run this has allowed Gary to add a ton of new followers.  How many are genuine followers in the way of Twitter is an unknown.  Only time will tell.  Gary certainly has his work cut out for him to maintain those followers with solid content thru his tweets and the conversation he brings to the table.

The building of the conversation between yourself and those that choose to follow you is the heart of Twitter – it is all about the relationship and the conversation that goes with it.  That is Twitters heartbeat and breath of life.

No matter how many followers you have – enjoy the conversation.