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Windows 7 UAC flaws and how to fix them
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
A number of security flaws have been found in Windows 7’s streamlined UAC—flaws that Windows Vista is immune to—prompting a series of surprising responses
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Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista – UK
Most people do not realise that Internet Explorer is embedded within the Windows operating system as the web core. This web core is used by other
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Playing favorites has rarely been so easy
Cape Cod Times – Hyannis,MA,USA
For example, in my tests, I bookmarked a Wikipedia article in Firefox on my Dell running Windows Vista. Foxmarks then caused that same new bookmark to
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RE[3]: More like … Vista or KDE 4? – USA
But the fact that Windows Vista and Windows 7 are copies of KDE makes an absolute mockery of the notions that Windows apologists often like to put forward
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Windows Vista Magazine | Windows Vista 64-bit – Is it worth the
At the beginning of 2009 I’ve decided to migrate to Windows Vista 64-bit and take advantage of the additional features and improvements. Although some people say that the 64-bit version is not ready for mainstream usage yet,
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Kenyon Hill Images – » Sunset On The River HD Wallpaper » Windows
By admin
Awesome High Definition (HD) wallpaper for your Windows Vista desktop. Title: Sunset On The River HD Wallpaper Author: ehabm Download: Sunset On The River HD W… –

TechBlog: Ballmer: The users with the torches & pitchforks want Vista
By Dwight
For these reasons and others, Ballmer warned that, enterprises that stick with Windows XP too long risk complaints from impatient users who have been using newer computers running Vista and Windows 7 at home.
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