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Windows 7, Mac OS make gains in January
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
January was a good month for both the emerging Windows 7 and the venerable Mac OS, according to Web metrics company Net Applications.
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Windows 7 "Security Flaw" Really Is By Design
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
Blogger Long Zheng is raising concern about a supposed Windows 7 security bug that he discovered. He’s shown that it is possible to push keystrokes into the
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More Indications Windows 7 Is Coming In 2009
Slashdot – USA
An anonymous reader writes "Following on the news that Microsoft was going straight to a RC for Windows 7, the One Microsoft Way blog has put together some
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Windows 7, Time for 64-Bit
Uber-Review – USA
If you are itching to build or buy a new system for the upcoming Windows 7, or if you already have one and want to give it a performance boost,
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Microsoft to Release Windows 7 on October 3, Report Says
EfluxMedia News – New York,USA
By David Fierce A recent report on a Microsoft partner blog has recently revealed that the Redmond giant would release the RTM version of Windows 7 on
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Potential Security Issue with Windows 7, the TIP, and Passwords?
Gotta Be Mobile – Colorado Springs,CO,USA reader Medic / Willem Evenhuis just posted a YouTube video (see below) demonstrating a possible security bug with Windows 7 and their
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Windows 7 works on a 600MHz UMPC – let’s try a Game Gear! – USA
Windows 7 has proven to be an excellent scaler, as it seems to run excellently not just on top-end hardware but on hardware so outdated as to be laughable.
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Windows 7 Desktop Screenshot | maseko’s weblog
Tampilan seperti di atas merupakan tampilan yang akan dinikmati begitu selesai menginstall Windows 7 Beta dengan menggunakan default theme. Menurut saya.
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Windows 7 market share
This report lists the market share of Windows 7.
Net Applications Market Share Info –

Reps Deny!: doPDF + Windows 7 = BSOD?
By imaxami
doPDF + Windows 7 = BSOD? OK – I am loving my Windows 7 Beta, and am running into the little glitches:. 1) .msi installer issue. 2) synergy from doesn’t play well. 3) my hp photosmart 7550 is only recognized as an hp
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Next Windows 7 release will be RC (release candidate) | DetectorPRO
By Ukion
There are no information’s about release date, but all functions planed for final Windows 7 version will be implemented in release candidate version. Microsoft says that Windows 7 development is almost over and cooperation with OEM
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Windows 7 on a MacBook Pro | Technologizer
I also installed the 32-bit version of Windows 7 on a 1st generation MacBook Pro. I don’t think that matters, since this error has more to do with the version of Windows the installer is detecting. So, my question to those who may have
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