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Microsoft’s Windows Vista ‘Capable’ bill could hit $8.5bn
Register – London,England,UK
A Microsoft marketing scheme persuading consumers to buy PCs "capable" of running Windows Vista could cost more money than Microsoft made from the program.
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Favorite Links in Vista
PC Magazine – USA
by Neil J. Rubenking Q: I am new to Windows Vista. Can you explain to me the significance of the little blue folders in Windows Explorer, such as Downloads
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How do I… Tweak performance with Vista Service Optimizer?
TechRepublic – Louisville,KY,USA
For many, Microsoft Windows Vista is plagued with performance issues. Most point the finger of performance degradation to Aero, but Aero is not alone in
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Asus EAHD4870X2 Top graphics card
Vista Capability This is a modern graphics card capable of running all the new features in Windows Vista, including the upcoming DirectX 10.
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How secure is Google Chrome?
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
The browser kernel starts with all privileges removed, the null SID (a security identifier in Windows Vista that denotes the user as untrusted),
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Windows XP Upgrades: Why You Must Start Planning Now – Framingham,MA,USA
The report, entitled "Cutting Through the Nonsense About Windows Vista, Windows 7", also touches on a subject that Microsoft probably wants kept quiet: The
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TaggedFrog Organizes Your System’s Files Web 2.0 Style
Lifehacker – San Diego,CA,USA
Windows Vista (and the Windows 7 beta) already have native tagging systems, and OS X has long offered search-able metadata as a simple filing system.
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Windows 7 beta deadline extended into February
T3 – UK
Critics have already been impressed by Microsoft’s latest upcoming operating system and its attempts to rectify some of the mistakes in Windows Vista.
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Service Pack 2 for Vista on hold
Fudzilla – Tuzla,Bosnia and Herzegovina
For those waiting for the second service pack for Windows Vista, you are going to be waiting a bit longer, according to our source, because it will likely
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Apple MacBook Review: Part 1
Tom’s Hardware Guide – Culver City,CA,USA
One was to reformat the HDD and start with a fresh install of Windows Vista. It’d be tried and true, but it was still going to take a lot of time to redo
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Internet Explorer 8 RC1 Released for Windows XP, Vista and Server
Internet Explorer 8 RC1 Released for Windows XP, Vista and Server 2008.
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Upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 RC1 –
The prerequisite update for Windows Internet Explorer 8 helps improve reliability when you install and use Windows Internet Explorer 8, it also addresses common application compatibility issues in Windows Vista and Windows Vista X64. – Windows portal – News –

SKUs Galore for Windows 7 – Leaked Screenshot Reveals Multi
Unfortunately, unless Redmond changes its mind between now and Windows 7 release, it looks likely that the same "too many versions" problem that haunted Windows Vista will be back for Windows 7. There’s one bit of good news, though.
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Booting Windows 7 to desktop in less than 30 seconds with SSD
I have also replaced Windows Vista Ultimate with Windows 7 Ultimate Beta on my main laptop. At the same time I’ve swapped the original 160GB HDD with an Intel 80GB SSD. A lot of talk has been around about Windows 7 support for SSD
Mauricio Freitas: My window to the world –

Microsoft Watch – Web Services & Browser – IE 8 and Windows 7 RC
I take it as yet another sign Windows 7 development is proceeding faster than Microsoft is publicly letting on. Like Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista, I expect that IE 8 will release to manufacturing ahead of Windows 7.
Microsoft Watch –