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Microsoft Sets Deadline For Windows 7 Beta
CRN – Manhasset,NY,USA
By Kevin McLaughlin, ChannelWeb Microsoft said it has more Windows 7 beta feedback and testers than it can handle, and plans to stop offering downloads of
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Hands On with Windows 7 Device Stage
PC Magazine – USA
by Jeremy A. Kaplan As part of Windows 7, Microsoft is polishing more than just the operating system itself; the company aims to ease interaction between
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Will Your Games Run on Windows 7?
OS News – USA
ExtremeTech installs and launches 22 popular game titles – both old and new – to see which ones run on Windows 7, and which ones don’t.
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Windows 7 first impressions, and Microsoft’s XP problem
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
After downloading the Windows 7 beta last week and tossing it on a VM, I finally made the move and made it my default Windows installation.
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So It’s Not a Netbook Version of Windows 7??
Gotta Be Mobile – Colorado Springs,CO,USA
A few days ago Warner put up a post about a ‘Netbook’ version of Windows 7 that that Microsoft was supposedly going to offer. Well, as a follow up to the
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Windows 7 to mimic Vista’s multi-version lineup
Electronista – Santa Clara,CA,USA
A leak of an updated Windows 7 beta build suggests Microsoft plans to closely follow Vista’s approach of several feature-limited operating system versions.
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What do KDE 4.2 and Windows 7 have in common?
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
Just like Windows 7 beta, which I’m running on another PC, my fundamental problem is each desktop’s fundamental interface changes.
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What Will the Netbook Version of Windows 7 Look Like?
OS News – USA
Let’s combine the two most popular topics on the internet today into one: Windows 7 on netbooks. Microsoft has already confirmed that it will ship a version
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Why I love Windows 7, hate Linux, and think the Mac is lame
After more than 20 years wandering the operating system landscape with hopes and dreams, I’ve finally settled on a platform with no regrets: Windows 7.
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Win 7 beta: February 10 is the download cut-off date
ZDNet Blogs – USA
Microsoft had a rocky start to its Windows 7 beta due to insufficient server capacity. To make amends to frustrated wanna-be testers, Microsoft extended the
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Windows 7 Beta Availability Extended – PC World
Microsoft has extended the general availability of the Windows 7 beta until February 10.
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Microsoft Extends Windows 7 beta 1 Download Deadline | Epicenter
Microsoft has extended the deadline to grab a beta copy of Windows 7, giving interested users until February 10 to download a pre-release version of the next major revision for.
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Software: Windows 7 Is OK, But Can It Run Crysis ?
These results from DirectX 9 testing speak well for Windows 7, topping Vista on the lower and higher spec systems while, much of the time, just about keeping pace with XP. In fact, with Intel’s i7 quad core processor, we actually see a
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TG Daily – Microsoft to end Windows 7 beta download on February 10
Redmond (WA) – InformationWeek’s Paul McDougall is reporting that on February 10, 2009, Microsoft will pull the plug on its Windows 7 beta download – just 33 days after it launched. If a user started the download before February 10,
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TechNet | Portugal : Windows 7 | Mantenha-se actualizado
Todos conhecem mas cabe-nos chamar atenção para esta página com as FAQs do Windows 7 , a página sobre o que há de novo no Windows 7, o Windows 7 Tem Blog no qual poderá encontrar citações com a opinião de alguns utilizadores do Windows
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